Monday, June 5, 2006

Busy time .. lazy time

Staying up too late and living in other time zones has not been healthy even though I do my fair share of work. Was getting burnt this week for being late to work, should really get some sleep but I haven't updated my blog in a while and Fabrice just spent the whole day doing the same so why not.

I tried Imagine Autosync today on some EROS-B imagery.It works like a charm.Picked some 350 tie points in seconds and rewrapped the image. Working with overviews and multiresolution correlation makes it really efficient.

Talking about overviews.Nowak's dstile utility for tiling and building overviews in Worldwind format is now available for windows.Please give it a try and make notes of improvements and limitations.If someone wants to write a small man-page I will buy you beer.

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