Friday, July 14, 2006

Better Worldwind Buidings

I have made buildings in Worldwind using KML , but there are definitely better ways of doing it as Skyline(textured buildings), OsgPlanet or this one using WorldWind show. I like the shading on the buildings makes them look more realistic.
Frankly I am jealous.


User Abuser said...

I just have to say its HECHO EN MEXICO.
Let me find out the SVN version, I guess you have problems with the normals, illumination and materials, but your work looks good too.

I hope we can work together in this project¡¡¡¡

User Abuser said...

Sorry, i was refering to the KML importer at

what_nick said...

Hi I hardly speak any spanish.Just out of interest how did you digitize the buildings ? I made mine out of an IKONOS Stereo Image.
I have done no custom materials lighting or shading.That will be the functionality in the polygon feature class i would like you to help with.
Read through this for contribution etiquette.