Sunday, August 13, 2006

Brazil Imagery and Ossim

The other open source globe that I have had some contact with deserves a mention on this blog. It is OsgPlanet (Open Scene Graph Planet) or Ossim Planet or simply planet. It is currently in a very alpha state but has two dedicated and one part time developers. In addition it has solid graphics, remote sensing and data processing backbone, being built on gdal, proj.4 and Open Scenegraph.

I have been painstakingly compiling it on linux (frustrated by some library errors). Now I have the viewer/processor application for rasters, imagelinker built. I loaded up some new Brazilian 50cm data we are processing for Worldwind in it and it looks really good. This combined with the Vector Capabilities of Qgis will make a really good application.

May be I can set up a processor chain to tile Worldwind imagery and terrain in Imagelinker.
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