Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Google-Digital Globe Repositioning

Digital Globe is now in a strong position with a successful launch of a functional new high-resolution satellite. Google has got some unwarranted free publicity out of it as well. This has led to some market positioning and jostling between the two entities , with Digital Globe trying to push their new acquisition GlobeExplorer as a direct imagery access service. Everything seems to be resolved now, but Digital Globe seems keen to get back to their tried and tested money from imagery sales business model, this time peddling access to global mosaic with a few extra ribbons such as online processing instead of individual QuickBird Scenes.

The heavily watermarked public WMS works cleanly with World Wind for those pining for QuickBird data, albeit a bit slowly ( we are thinking of putting a tile-cache in front of it). Here is what it has to offer over Sydney.
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