Saturday, October 27, 2007

Qgis Release - with Grass 6.3RC1

Finally went out for a night in town to celebrate the hard work and final release of Qgis 0.9.0 . The night ended with a predictable crash brought on by too many shots of vodka-midori-cointreau, called "What's That".

Before that I had to spend a few nights relinking Qgis and GDAL with Grass 6.3 Release Tag. Thanks to this a lot of advanced GIS functions are now available in Qgis. The relink brought on a dependency hell which I had to resolve using Dependency Walker. It is a great tool for windows release builder, helps to make sure the user gets all the components bundled in the installer. Just makes the installer very big, but hey it works. If you want better package management use Linux or BSD.
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