Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New things - Computers and Scholarships

This week is turning out to be quite good. I got a new machine, Quad-core Intel with Nvidia 8800 graphics card and double 22inch monitors. I spent a couple of days setting it up. Then today I got a reply from the University of Adelaide saying that I have been given the APA scholarship to study for a PhD in SAR over 3-years. You have a few bad months then things turn around. I am planning to buy a new car over the weekend , then I will have to zealously guard the 1 remaining demerit point I have.

The Gold Qgis release build with grass compiled with ODBC, Sqlite, MySQL and PostgreSQL. I could not get GDAL linked with the same MingW being second class citizen in the GDAL world and libtool being annoying and limited as always. The current one is available here. Hope it works for you. May be one day we will have a Platinum release.

ImageLinker , the Ossim image processing GUI is now nearly fully ported to Qt4 and builds and runs fine if you do not try to optimize too much and strip symbols.

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Paul said...

Congratulations Tish. I expect something revolutionary in your PhD.

Is the computer for work or home?