Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back in Kenya via Cape Town

So I am getting to write another blog entry within 2009. I have rarely used the blog to express myself since I started using Facebook. I guess a blog has less sinkage from a million of other entries.

Anyway I am back in Kenya visiting my parents and organizing reunions for Mang'u Y2K. In this trip I also went to South Africa and presented at IGARSS 2009. My work got positive comments from J.S. Lee which was a big plus.

We had a standard reunion at Kengeles on Koinange street and got to catch up with people I haven't seen in 9 years.

Then I squeezed in a couple of days in Zanzibar just to run around at the beach and visit the world heritage stone town. I also got to learn a lot about spices, wonder if it will improve my cooking.

Today I am supposed to give a talk on how I have fared post high school at Mang'u and inspire the current students. I wonder if I will do a good job.

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