Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wrangling with Curly Monkeys

I had some files delivered via FTP to me. Sounds simple enough - not really : the FTP server is apparently FTPS://. Oh great they are careful about security. Fire up FileZilla and try to download using FTPS. The nice feature in filezilla is that you can see the server interaction. FTPS RFC's defined implicit and explicit FTPS, the implicit version comes first in FileZilla options. The server threw me out with an EABORTCONNECT on port 990 (FTPS Implicit port). More self-education and I realized that the FTPS implicit is deprecated. Explicit FTPS is on port 21 using TLS. So that worked out fine till the server timed out the connection, it was not really fast to start with (6.8kb/s). So I resorted to using curl , for future reference the command below can handle FTPS/TLS.

curl --ftp-ssl -# -1 --insecure ftp://user:pass@server/file -o outputfile

So there was the curly bit, now let's move onto the monkey bit. I have an ATI Radeon HD 3670 card on the laptop, so I would rather use AMD/ATI graphics tools, namely RenderMonkey. I did some simple brightness contrast shaders in it looking to implement them in JOGL. That didn't quite work out - so more wrangling with monkeys is needed.
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