Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reading about reading - Infinite Jest

While in a backpackers in Hobart , checked out and waiting for transfer to airport, I picked up a really thick book I had no hope of finishing in the time left - enter the "Infinite Jest". It was even harder to get through , reading it feels like swimming through treakle or may be the non-newtonian fluid, the faster you try to go through the more you get lost and are left unable to continue.

I have finally managed to procure it from the library and gone thorugh first 2 chapters - I have been forewarned about the non-linear nature of the book. So I will read it in a non-linear fashion and collate on the fly (yay for TCP). Let's see how that works out.

Another Wallace work is coming out in film this year - Brief Interviews , might read it first. The good thing about anthologies is that you can read them in bite sized bits .. lovely.

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