Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OTB Qgis plugin - Linking through hell

OTB was having trouble linking to shared gdal libraries, and Qgis was having trouble linking to static gdal libraries. The two had a fight and split the baby into halves - and I am king Solomon. That's the level of my poetry after a couple of sleepless nights. At least I have managed to build both Qgis (with dependencies injected from Osgeo4w) and OTB. Thanks a lot Jef, Timlinux, Emmanuel and Julien. Here is a screenshot of the OTB plugin in Qgis menu. I am planning to extend this to bring the full gamut of OTB capabilities to bear in Qgis, including Feature Analysis, Classifiers, Atmospheric corrections, Radar geometric and radiometric correction and more. Interesting times ahead.

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