Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HackerSpace Adelaide - Flying Crates and Hawkboard Screen

Today at hackerspace we got carried away a bit with helicopters. There were attempts to even get a crate to fly. Instead of flying the crate nudged along the ground. By the end of the night the radio control had come out of the said helicopter and the motor controlling PWM was being viewed on an Arduino oscilloscope.

We also managed to get the Hawkboard up on a VGA monitor and all the way to showing the Ubuntu login screen. We are planning to pool and buy a few more HawkBoards, everybody is dreaming up stuff to do with them. I have mentioned RADAR on a small UAV before, now it seems to be a real possibility with the ISEE RADAR. Time will come when there will be drones flying around giving out speeding tickets.
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