Friday, July 15, 2011

GSOC 2011 - Sub-surface Features in WorldWind

Honestly I did not sign up to mentor this project, but I kind of drifted into throwing some advice by the way of the student. Doing a prototype of sub-surface visualisation is not at all difficult, but it is difficult to get it right, to convey the information without losing the context provided by the draped textures.

California Seismic or Australia Boreholes data goes down into the earth's crust. The crust is not that thick (only a few 10's of km in the 6000 or so km's of earth radius). Thinks get a bit weird in portraying things accurately while using vertical exaggeration. The surface of the earth becomes a bit of an event horizon. Nevertheless good progress has been made with changing the transparency of the surface textures and deploying secondary meshes below the normal terrain mesh. The aim is to get something close to Rockworks. The implementation so far tweaking secondary meshes in WorldWind can be seen here:

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