Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday in Adelaide - Ghosts of Christmas past

Last year was rather topsy-turvy for me, so this year I decided to jet back to Adelaide and spend Christmas with long time friends. The pre-christmas birthday party turned out to be a real blast. All the people I hadn't seen for years managed to turn up.

The hostel on Carrington is pretty fun as well, they laid out a Christmas spread, but I had an invitation to Hanukkah. Some drifting around the University, The SA Art Gallery and Glenelg ensued. I am still drawing away little things, learning scheme and swimming in the ocean.
The hostel has a huge collection of DVD's and books. I am burning through the massive Peter. F. Hamilton Tome - Pandora's Star, dragging it down to the beach when I can. Maybe I will finish it before I leave.

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