Sunday, May 27, 2012

Content supply for Apple's venture into mapping

This suspense is killing me. Hope it will last. - Oscar Wilde

Apple put up a big fight against the Big Blue to establish itself in the market of personal computers. Now it has to put up a similar brave face to the big blue, red, yellow and green.

Apple acquires C3, now needs oblique and ground based photography to populate the world. While keeping bandwidth usage low and discretional. Apple will be requiring lots of data to populate its more detailed world and there will be rush of data acquisition coming up to create a multiple view representation of the static world.

The most interesting aspect of 3D reconstruction I find is the temporal decorrelation. We can never know all aspects of an object from multiple perspectives simultaneously without violating relativity. A fun aspect of this is the modelling of clock-towers. The reconstructed view always has slightly different times in the clock faces.

Causality is much more absolute than simultaneity, in our frame of reference we might be experiencing events such as the launch of Apple mapping platform whose cause is hidden in some future outcome. Meanwhile the suspense of seeing the big launch from the big fruit in a post-Jobs era is killing me.

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