Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby food and Poker machines - Snapping stuff in MongKok

The biggest story making headlines while I killed time between city walks in HongKong was one featuring "Baby Formula", including an event just a few steps from me at the MongKok East station. Someone taking lights over was cornered and searched for baby food by citizens and angry mothers.
Australia is one of the wealthiest nations in the world in per-capita terms and most of our wealth is locked up in the Australian dream - house. In contrast it is quite difficult for young people to own a house in HongKong, so the consumption tends to be high in other areas. People eat out more often, since the living areas are small and can be a hassle cooking.
 People invest more in personal appearance, buying jewellery, clothes and watches. Admittedly I am very poor at brand recognition, but the greek links to Doxa made me remember that particular brand. Personal investment is also apparent in all the rush for cosmetics and offers for private tuition. Image and wealth you can carry about on you is everything here. Just like the pokie joints pretending to be video game parlours.

There is a tension between pro and anti-Falun gung groups. The posters for both factions are displayed side-by-side near the star ferry terminal, right next to the anti-communist party booth. The Harbour city mall with its clientele of mostly mainland buyers is nearby. The rebelliousness may be filtering back along with the baby food.

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