Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Making a Great Helm and other pieces of armor

Sometimes I get carried away while making a costume, but not far enough to be considered a cosplayer. I started by making a Great Helm, in Australia this is commonly mistaken for a Ned Kelly Helmet. Then I got carried away and made most of the upper body armor in the crusader style. This post has some build photos and final result.

I wore the full suit on top of a traditional indian kurta, the best approximation I could come up with on a short notice of a crusader tunic.

Top on Great Helm
Completed Great Helm, with Breast Plate (template attached)
Top/Bottom parts of Great Helm
Had to take a photo of the pauldrons with the make magazine and the brushed aluminium of the Mac.

The gauntlets were some simple spray pained gardening gloves, the metallic paint costs more than the gloves. Next time I shall try to make an articulated stiched on number.
The final pieces were made of moulded Worbla, nothing fancy. Mostly because I ran out of aluminium sheet and wanted to experiment a bit with this new material. It has great potential, but is a bit thin when used by itself, next pieces will have some craft foam embedded in them.
The day at the medieval fair turned out to be quite a success, my Morning Star built out of coke cans and a foam ball got a lot of attention. Currently the armor sits on a mannequin in my living room. Looking forward to making some more pieces for next year.
Mixing up themes a bit

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