Monday, February 5, 2007

TV Tuner and Curried Sausages

My flatmate got a new all black mac book pro with a TV Tuner card, so in a fit I dug up my old TV Tuner card and watched the Australia-New Zealand match. It only works halfway with an external antenna. I really need a better card and antenna. Luckily Australia won. So it was worth my while.

I also managed to watch Al Gore's documentary, "The Inconvenient Truth". Apart from the obvious political spin, he does make some valid points about Global Warming our responsibility. So Withak's Global Flood Plugin is rather timely. It still has some Z-Buffer issues and I am looking at adding the transparency and wave shaders for localized water to it. Otherwise it does a good job.

I also tried a new dish - sausages curried with red paste and mustard. It turned out pretty well and goes with a nice beer. Now time to enjoy the Australian Summer and wonder why the weather is suddenly changing from Mediterranean to Monsoon.
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