Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kyoto and Carbon SAR Mosaics

I have been tic-tacing with the Kyoto and Carbon science team to bring their PALSAR mosaics to World Wind. At one point there was a note that World Wind has no support for KML. So I made a KML Ground Overlay with one of the Jers Mosaic scenes available at the GRFM(Global Rain Forest Monitoring) Site. The kml can be found here. It works fine in both Google Earth and World Wind.

World Wind does not have extensive support for KML, but to say it has no support is a fallacy. There was some discussion on the mailing list about this too. I am planning to get all the free JERS data from GRFM and serve it via World Wind , even if it is just to prove a point.

The best and broadest user reach can be obtained through hosting a WMS server which is supported in a lot of viewers.
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