Friday, July 13, 2007

Generation-Y Employees

I have never been really keen on generation nomenclature. I am never sure whether I am in generation X or Y. But I am concerned when surveys show a certain bias towards people of my generation. This came to my attention through my Engineering Association newsletter. So I dug up the original article from

The gist is that younger employees have a high technical skill level, but lack corporate slick. Their bosses increasingly rely on them to provide technical solutions and solve the problems that were impossible 1year ago but are probable now( due to pace of technology movement). The bosses then complain about the high expectations and low loyalty of the younger employees.

Over all the article is not all negative and puts forward a few useful suggestions for making the most of Gen-Y employees.

''The key issue for employers, then, is not whether to hire a member of Gen-Y, but how to make the most of them.''
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