Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Qgis 0.9 to be released soon

Tim is warming up to release Qgis 0.9 before FOSS4G 2007. I am happy to report that it builds easily and cleanly in windows thanks to CMake with all the goodies and the much anticipated Python support via PyQt-Sip.

The Python API makes quick development and debugging of Qgis plugins as breeze. Quite a few have already been made to show the possibilities. To support the release ( and to plug my name choice for the release) I made up a new splash screen. I will welcome any criticism of my design's shortcomings.

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Jimmy said...

Hey another Aussie qgis user!!

Cant wit for 0.9, development has been happening alot quicker with 0.8 and I expect the python integration will speed things along further.