Friday, November 30, 2007

Adelaide via Bangkok and Sydney

Finally back in Adelaide after flying around and waiting around in airports for 3 days. I had a 12 hour stop over in Bangkok, which I spent snooping on wireless networks and recruiting for my Metal Gear on PSP using AP Scan. Some shopping ensued as well, but being cash strapped does not bode well for that activity. The security check queue got huge and amorphous, it was funny watching people gulping down bottles of mineral water to avoid having the fluids check. Someone should really drink a lot of water and take diuretics on-board.

The flight from Bangkok was a bit delayed - 20mins, that nearly made me miss my connection to Adelaide and my luggage did not make it. So I spent an anxious evening in the city waiting for it. Then I spent 30mins in the taxi queue, they have made it really hard for taxi's to get into Adelaide Airport. Eventually I managed to go to Sosta for dinner, been meaning to go to an Argentinian Restaurant for a long time. The roasts were fabulous and so much that we had to take some home.
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