Monday, November 26, 2007

Camping in SweetWaters

Tonight I am staying at the SweetWaters Tented Camps ( these are first grade tents with running water and furniture) in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy on the Laikipia Plateau, nestled between Mt. Kenya and the Abderdares.

The conservancy houses orphaned/rescued chimpanzees from Congo, Cameroon and other parts of central and westerm Africa. It was founded by Jane Goodall. There are also breeding populations of Black and White Rhinos, various other rare herbivores are also conserved. I got to pet and feed sugarcane to a tamed black rhino called "Morani". Here you can just sit outside in the dark with a small ditch separating you from the animals at the water hole, it is a great experience indeed.


Erik said...

Did you leave your camera at home or something?

Bull_[UK] said...

Making me so jealous.

Philv said...

Sounds like you're having a good time in Africa. When you are back from vacation, there's a few new GDAL odds and ends you might want to check out:
* TerraSAR-X XML metadata support (tsx)
* New PALSAR driver for JAXA data (L1.1 and L1.5 supported!) (jaxapalsar)
* some fixes to make working with Polarimetric SAR data a little easier (mostly a MATRIX_REPRESENTATION standard metadata tag).

Enjoy your vacation!