Monday, August 3, 2009

Meeting Maurizio

I had an eventful arrival in Jo'Burg. The cab driver had no clue where my hostel was, even though it's a stone's throw from the airport. I had to whip out the iPhone and guide him. Come on Google make routing work in South Africa, people will so use it during the World Cups-2010, especially since cabs don't have a GPS. Anyway I got distracted and left my laptop in the cab. More Googling for the airport number followed .... eventually I got it BACK !!! Apparently a 1st in Jo'Burg.

Then I hopped on whirlwind tour of Johannesburg and Soweto, which ended at the Hector Pieterson museum. Then I nearly got left behind by the tour bus while shopping for souvenirs.

Finally the tour dropped me off at Maurizio's place and we spent a fair few hours discussing life, economics and tile serving. Thanks a lot for your hospitality Maurizio, I had a great time.

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