Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh pretty flowers !!

Finally back from a couple of days of running around in wheat, beans and other fields. Of course dodging suspicious country folks and whistling bullets ... just joking. I just got stopped once by a guy in a red car, he only took my card and said he will check with my office whether I am real. He also did not seem worried about some tiny samples. Saturday was a great day for the field, sunny and not so cold and windy. Covered a fair bit of ground and grabbed as many points as I could.

Then managed to make it to Walaroo in time for sunset and dinner, which was a bad idea since someone took this opportunity to steal my car park in the hotel and I had to park in the street. Sunday morning turned out to be windy and rainy and super grey. So I managed to do only a couple of points. On my way back near Balaklava (that name still cracks me up), I found a beautiful canola field worth exploring ... er if you are crazy like me.

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