Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning PCB Cad - then finding someone who knows it all

One of the great pleasure of diving around on the web is finding those ah-ha things. I have been contemplating buying bits and pieces from the gumstix shop. Then I found that all expansion boards are open design. So I downloaded some, converted from Eagle to Gerber and sent off to a fab shop for a quote. The fab shop is very responsive and even provided a custom how-to on converting from Eagle to Gerber. I think I will get a fair few PCB's made and loaded for the project.
 Some more snooping around for a camera to attach followed. There are lots of suggestions on attaching a USB camera to the USB host slot, but that somehow feels clunky to me. I would like a high bandwidth camera directly attached to the PXA using DMA. Some seem to have already made a lot of progress with the Overo COM's and gotten to a phone-like devide with lots of bits. Time to see how much it will cost to get a FLOW to Australia.

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