Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mailing list to the rescue - working Gumstix + 3DM-GX2

Finally had to put up a thread on Gumstix mailing list to get the misnomers sorted. Dave Hyland, the maintainer of the robostix code came forward to iron out most of the strangeness and provided the sertest utility to finally sort out the issues with the port. So now I can access both the GPS stream and my IMU reading of choice (Euler angles, possibly linear and angular acceleration). The IMU commands can be lined up and sent as a larger sequence in continuous mode to achieve better reading throughput than the 1 reading per second I am currently getting. Here are a couple of GPS and IMU streams. For a change the GPS was very stable for the few seconds it took to do the screenshot. Need to get the uBlox explorer and see it drift around, same for Microstrain.

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