Saturday, March 13, 2010

Progress on arduino based electronic speed control

Things went a bit out of control on Friday night. Human programming is too complex to predict and error check. Thankfully the arduino is straight forward, on Saturday the masters student and I tested the motor speed control by sending bytes over i2c to the arduino. It worked like a charm, the masters student is a bit sensitive to the noise from the motors we have to get him some earmuffs.

I also got some super cheap USB webcams , the USB host on the gumstix picks it up. Need to update the kernel and try the uvc video drivers. At this low webcam cost we may even be able to do stereo. Anyway it's my birthday any gadget presents and body armor is welcome.

The techs in the machine shop liked fabrice's workmanship on the frame . The balance is good and the stuff looks firmly in place. They are going to build a see-saw tether with a universal joint to flight test the quad under controlled conditions.

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