Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MPICH2 - Joys of windows MPI

LAM/MPI is showing its age on our Ubuntu cluster. LAMD dies at times and we always seem to have more windows machines than linux pxeboot boxes. MPICH2 may allow heterogenous clusters. Here are runtimes with different communication protocols on MPICH2 and LAM with the trivial prime tutorial.
forest image

sock: 4.562287
nemesis: 0.403781
ssm: 0.641682
mt: 4.793552
default: 4.489148
auto: 4.200369

usysv: 0.260094
sysv: 1.899345
tcp: 1.965503
crtcp: 2.089337

The test app was built with CMake and the very handy MPI detection with MPI choice options.

On the other hand the CMake setup for polsarprosim is progressing very quickly thanks to the experience with Qgis, OTB and lots of advice from Norman and Emmanuel. Here is a what the automated testing says:

Test project C:/Program Files (x86)/PolSARpro_v4.1.5/Soft/build
 Start 1: compareOutput
1/2 Test #1: compareOutput ....................   Passed    0.07 sec
  Start 2: runSim
2/2 Test #2: runSim ...........................   Passed  3919.94 sec
100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 2
Total Test time (real) = 3920.05 sec

Now need to try some MPI to speed up the simulation time a bit and put the simulation run and output comparison to a standard in the proper order.

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