Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Testing a new modem with BeagleBoard - DIGI Net Mobil

I broke my old Prolink Modem by walking around while it was plugged in and twisting the USB plug. I got a newer 7.2MB capable modem from Deal Extreme. Plugged into the beagleboard it shows up as a CD as expected and I ejected it to get the ttyUSBx devices. Unfortunately on the first try none of them wanted to respond to AT commands, it only started working after I installed the driver on windows and connected it up. A throughput test shows that it is working slightly better than the 3.6Mb/s Prolink promises.

Usual diagonistics on Linux shows:
lsusb - 05c6:0015 Qualcomm, Inc.

ATQ command works and dialing proceeds then I get stuck in an Unsolicited Message Block ("+ZUSIMR:2") using the ModemManager/NetworkManager Combo.
#beagleboard making friends with new 3G modem, first outing
ATI gives: 
Model: HD360
Revision: W1MV1.0.0B20100128 W1MV1.0.0B20100128 1  [Sep 4 2008 12:00:00]

Not much but at least a start for digging.


wujek_wiadro said...

did you find out anything? i have a modem from DX myself, and provided drivers don't work on x64. my device has same vid and pid as your, so i though you have ANY idea drivers dedicated to what modem to download.

what_nick said...

I did get the modem to work on x64 in Ubuntu. Plug the modem in and a CD drive appears, eject this from Gnome or from the console using eject /dev/sr1 or similar. Then some ttyUSBx port appear. These are modem serial ports. ModemManager built into Gnome can take it from here and connect you to your service provider.

wujek_wiadro said...

oh... and i just switched to win7 on my netbook (it runs faster and longer on win$hit) and been lookin for mobile internets... Could You at least tell me how is it identified... I can't seem to find anything and am stuck with nothing. format isn't an option at this point. And won't be in near future...

what_nick said...

It runs fine on win7, my modem installs a connection software called Digi Net Mobil. Use the Advanced settings to Auto APN and click connect. Do you have a photo of your modem ?