Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HgSubversion with Ossim-opencv

I have come to really like the flexibility of making changes and saving them locally with Mercurial , before pushing them off to a repository online. It lets me work on a project independently while saving my work as well as staying upto date with core progress. Ossim-opencv is one of the projects I did some minor contributions to a while back. I wanted to get back into it, but following the incident with losing my last google account I no longer had commit access. So I checked out the SVN with HgSubversion and started making changes and commiting them locally. Finally the organizer switched to my new ID and I tried a push. Things fell apart at this point. I had committed things with my local username, and I usually use my googlecode authentication to push since these are separate things. In subversion however these need to be the same and I was stuck with my changes. Happily Mercurial lets me shelve, make patches, push to another mercurial repository (sandbox) and do a lot of fancy things. I decided to take the convert route and changed name of the committer to match my ID.
opencv ossim plugin

After that I pushed it back into SVN. While doing this I of course validated the results. Here is the plugin loaded into my latest compile of Imagelinker showing OpenCV based Laplacian filter.

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