Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Lollypop Forest" in Meep

I finally made some semi-realistic, well only very grossly, forests in MEEP. With dielectric cylinders as tree trunks topped by dielectric spheres as canopy. Then I bunched a few of them together to make a forest of 5 trees. I could have made much more complex structures but my knowledge of MEEP primitives and how to generate more of them automatically in Scheme is lacking. The attempts at replicating results with python-meep haven't gone so well, so I have to stick with Scheme-MEEP for now. Anyway even with the simplistic forest the wave propagation quickly becomes rather complex and difficult to handle analytically without gross assumptions. Yay for numerical methods.

Lollypop Forest Start
Other small discoveries this week include the pagesel package in Latex for sending each chapter off to review, of course after you have done the whole document and you know where the pages go and apparently very dated model selection procedures in R. Even though it is dated it gave me a model with decent regression statistics - now to send off that chapter heavy with regressions for review.
Lollypop Forest End

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