Sunday, June 26, 2011

GSOC 2011 - Ship Detection in Opticks

This is my second mentoring stint for the Google Summer of Code. I am advising on 3 separate projects in different capacities.
  1. Ship + wake detection and parameter estimation using Radar images in Opticks
  2. Wrapping the awesome OSSIM library in python
  3. Displaying sub-surface features in a 3D globe - NASA WorldWind
This post is going to be the first in a series describing the goals of each of the projects and where we are so far in them. In my personal opinion given the complexity of the algorithms involved and the visual outputs the ship detection project has progressed the farthest. We are using a beautiful 3m TerraSAR-X image from DLR as the basis for our implementation.

The various algorithms we have thrown in include:

1) CFAR with k-distribution model of the clutter
2) Elliptical width, height and orientation estimation
3) Isodata clustering for ship points
4) Linear feature (wake) detection with radon transform
5) Conversion of ship to wake displacement to ship velocity using satellite trajectory and imaging mode

Vijay is in his 5th week now and has been making great progress, picking up algorithms from various examples and adapting them to Opticks.

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