Saturday, November 14, 2009

Floating around in Singapore

Due to the night curfew in Adelaide, flights from Singapore to Adelaide can only leave for a 12 hour period. So if you are unfortunate enough to arrive at the wrong end of the half-day stick you will have to stooge about in the Singapore airport (not that it isn't huge and a shopping paradise) or the fine city of Singapore itself.

I booked a random hotel near little india from the airport, which turned out to be a stones throw from electronics Mecca of Singapore - Sim Lim. Most of my day got sucked in there, staring at gyros and brushless motor, some super compact hard disks and the newly affordable handheld FLIR sensors post H1N1 scare.

I managed to catch up with one of the top Orfeo Developers via Linked In. We walked around a bit dodging police cordons which had blocked off a fair few roads because of APEC. Managed find a decent bar with a sofa-bed next to the pier and chatted about IEEE standards for floating point over a couple of beers. I am indeed a splendid conversationalist.

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