Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Staying in production - heartbeats and jump starts

At FOSS4G I saw a very nice presentation by Andrea on maintaining Geoserver in production and optimizing performance. It is all nice and good with the jvm flags to squeeze more juice out of the hardware, maintain more objects in RAM, run parallel garbage collect and the lot. For the data server to keep running it needs :
  • CPU(s) - Multi-threaded request fulfillment
  • RAM - To do map composition, reprojection, format conversion
  • Database - To draw spatial data out of, vector data greatly benefits from being in the database and being indexed
  • HardDrive/File Share Service - Raster data is best drawn out of stripe-raid drives (0,5,0+1 depending on your budget).
With all these are loadbalancers and all important heartbeat and failover mechanisms. Heartbeat on each component is not sufficient. You need heartbeat on every bit of your infrastructure, and only a beat is not enough you need to hook up a full ECG machine and make sure consistent data is produced. All deployed layers need to be coming out at an acceptable  speed and not corrupted.

PS: Warning before touching anything (thanks arneke).

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