Monday, November 9, 2009

World Wind wins the best software of the year award

Another triumph for open source - NASA awarded World Wind the software of the year. More details are in Bull's blog. I obviously missed the boat on this one through family issues and trips to the Ganges to purify the body and soul - don't go by the grey mushy appearance of the river, if you believe it will purify you.

(8:52:08 PM) arneke: life is full of black boxes comes with a really crappy debugger ;)

At least World Wind is not a black box and the Java debugger is pretty good. You can quickly track down the issue and fix it, that is IF you are not using JNI and calling Native code. This can be the case with calls to the Native JOGL and various associated graphics card issues. Watch out for those - since death will soon follow.
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