Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beagle has 3 eyes - Kinect + Beagleboard

People have hooked up the Kinect to a few embedded platforms - Intel Atom and Gumstix Overo have come up. It was time for the other darling of open development, the BeagleBoard to talk to the Kinect. I have done stereo on the beagleboard before. The kinect makes things a lot easier.

First the usual step of getting libfreenect going, I ended up using unstable since it includes the OpenCV bindings. The sync API is much more stable than the callbacks and has fewer frame drops. Since I don't have a spare keyboard/mouse set for the Beagle and Synergy refused to co-operate, I did a demo frame viewer run with OpenCV rendering the frames. I had to upgrade opencv, ffmpeg, libusb, cmake and bunch of things on Angstrom, then replace CMake opencv detection with pkg-config to get everything working.

#kinect tested to work with #beagleboard and opencv #openkinect
Meanwhile there have been some major changes in the OpenKinect world with PrimeSense releasing the OpenNI framework. This releases the Microsoft stigma from the Kinect and encourages more open source development of applications. You can grab the OpenNI code from Github and build on your platform a from the manufacturer kinect driver. No stigma about a hacked Kinect (or shall we say PrimeSensor) any more either, it is officially open.

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