Friday, December 31, 2010

Moving to Hobart - First few days

Last few weeks I have been trudging (well driving) across Australia from Adelaide to Hobart. Before leaving Adelaide we had a small farewell. Even though my Facebook estimate was 12, I invited other people on the side and the total headcount came to 28.
Packed like sardines while boarding the ferry, traffic jam on the pier
The next few days were spent on the road and on the ferry, Adelaide-Melboune(and environs)-Devonport (and environs)-Hobart. We went to several national parks near Devonport. Narawntapu along the coast where we saw crabs swarming along the beach.

Then we had a close-up with a wombat at the Cradle Mountain National park. Finally we got to Hobart and had a "Bah Humbug Christmas"(according to the organizers) at the waterworks park.

In a few days we watched "Wild Oats" sail into Hobart marking beginning of the end of the Sydney to Hobart race. More exciting summer things to do in Hobart coming up.
Close encounter with the wombat kind, cradle mountain, in the button grass #fb
Watching wild oats come into Hobart, end of Sydney to Hobart race

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