Monday, August 15, 2011

Sketching paintings and taking photos of sketches - metaart

Lately I have been hopping around the world sketching a lot of things I see. I only got told off, actually mildly reprimanded for doing so yesterday at the Henry Jones art hotel. I have been practicing what I can best describe as meta-art or referential art (without repeating all of the title of this post), like this Picasso piece titled etudes. The work at the art hotel is on display for sale purposes and sketching them steals their soul and reduces value.

At least MONA does not suffer from such constraints and I happily reproduced different views of the fat car, plastic enhanced Porsche in pencil, together with glimpses of the surrounding material and carbon-dioxide sensors.

On the ferry back I ran into some very nosy Hobartian who have been snooping on our conversations at Dr. Coffee, but such are the charms of a small town. Now I know who to watch out for when expounding on the joys of Navier-Stokes.


sistero said...

hilarious that a so called "art hotel" didn't want to endorse the practice of it in its location... - can you email me re the hacklab ill send info :)

what_nick said...

In defence of the hotel, they were only concerned about the couple of pieces "on loan" on the wall, they are happy with me drawing the furniture and the hotel logo etc.