Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The opensketchbook project and drunk louts in Salamanca

I suffer from a lot of ailments one of them is "Hypertransparency" - as one of the pieces in Experimenta Utopia puts it:

With hypertransparency you get a society of chameleons and octopi.

I have been involved in open source projects, then open hardware projects, now I am trying my hand at open artware. I just give my sketchbook out to willing hands with some material ( it has mostly been mechanical pencil, charcoal and calligraphy pen) and ask for a contribution. Sometime willing hands find my book lying unattended in a public place and ninja in some contribution ( others would derisively call it graffiti, but I like graffiti).
First night of the open Sketchbook project Phoebe,  Aaron and... on Twitpic
I have run the project in bars, clubs, at MONA and even in my colleague's office in Canberra. Thank you all for willingly contributing to make my blank white pages interesting. I am not aiming to curate, the sample here is merely the first contributions rather than any qualitative measure - art is a subjective personal matter after all.

I wish drunk and drugged people in Salamanca late on weekend nights would let me be who I am and not harass me for my skin colour.

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