Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week of fun Hardware - Octocopter, Extruder, Kinect Poetry and MIDI 2 Life

Last week was an amazing overload of gadgets (with some flying to Canberra and hanging out at a bar with E-Tax release manager thrown in). First highlight was the Octocopter at UTAS - it is indeed a massive beast with 8kg border line payload, paltry 5 minute endurance, but it gets the kit off the ground. I also saw some of the amazing work Arko has been doing with Bundler, PMVS and Meshlab.

 The night before I went to Canberra, there was a Sound2Lights show in the Long Gallery with lots of cool gadgets. Including the aforementioned Rep-rap extruder printing out music (Joseph) , a Kinect you had to do a weird dance to get to put words in place (and possibly rhyme and form poetry - Aaron) and of course Nick's game of life with music controlling organisms rendered in Unity 3D.

Thursday early in the morning I flew off to Canberra to help deploy Australia wide terrain, but that is another story.

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