Sunday, October 2, 2011

Carbon Accounting in Blue Tier

Last weekend was full of veriditas, I did community carbon accounting with the Tasmania Wilderness Society. It was my first time bush bashing in through one of the older Tasmanian forests. The trip to Mt. Fields was way more touristy than this.

I had the privilege of wearing the Tasmanian Devil costume and posing in front of an imposing Eucalyptus Regnans. The rest of the two days involved dancing and scrambling through undergrowth measuring dead and alive trees, quantifying to the best of our ability the cycle of life in the forest.
The tools of the trade are - diameter tape, study area marker ribbons and data collection sheets. The work area is laid out along the slope with tape and compass and the perimeter of the stratified sampling sites marked with ribbons.
The accommodation was in a set of ritzy bunks at Weldborough, followed by a second day of crawling around in Macquarie vines.
I managed to fit in some Gargoyle mode headgear design using the XTion and Infra-red cameras to document the forest. I hope to have a functional prototype before the next field trip. With enough data we may be able to solve allometric issues with smaller species such as tree-ferns and vines.


salamander said...

Love it Tish! Particularly the "dancing", is that a nice way of saying how much falling over we did? This time we might find a patch of horizontal scrub, that will make us contortionists as well.

Anonymous said...

This is great. good work! looks like you had a ball. good on you!