Thursday, October 13, 2011

The lost generation of Tasmania - citizens of Xenophobart

There seems to be a generation of lost Tasmanian kids, 18-25 drifting around in the streets.

Begging in the mall, fighting and very obviously picking on me. Since I tend to focus their
attention by being different, wearing funny hats never helps.

V for Vandetta

I have had a few conversations with older Tasmanians today ( and lodged the information about
harassment incidences with the police). The welfare system seems to have nurtured a generation
of value nothingers who think money comes out of a hole in the wall, as far as their limited ability can penetrate the financial system( lack of education seems to be a key), it indeed does.

They feel the world owes them everything, stuff will just fall in their path. The haves have to
hand over all they have to the can't-be-bothered-to-work-for-its.

Yet I have met some amazing older Tasmanians. I carpenter whose book is choke full of quantum
physics. Intellectual giants and pranksters at the Tasmania Wilderness Society.
Nick and Nancy, amazingly creative pair of people. Not to mention my superhuman colleagues at

But where does all the sanity leak away at night ?

The night the night, 
when the armies of emotions come out to fight ! 

Lost property
What happened 20 years ago to produce this lost generation of Tasmanian youth ? They come to MONA, hook themselves up to the euthanasia machine and complain about not dying.

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