Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Hobart Giraffe hunt

The other day while walking to salsa I met someone who likes giraffes. So I went on a week-long artistic giraffe hunt to please her. I acquired and made giraffes using various materials and metaphors, and I still have enough inertia to keep collecting, even though my muse has moved on.

  1. First one acquired was a Kenyan wooden sculpture. This has been passed on to a very good friend in Adelaide.
  2. I drew it up as a sketch, first in my new Moleskine - iCamera. This has been donated to the Ivory, great place to relax, have a drink and draw in peace.
  3. I used the wooden giraffe sculpture and drawing as models and built a paperclip and random stuff sculpture. This one has gone to a sculpture student at UTAS.
  4. Learnt that we have been invited to submit an experiment for the ISS and made an origami coin box giraffe (which was declared a Brontosaurus).
  5. Walking back spotted the initial giraffe available at Despards Gallery and bought it up.
  6. A soft and cuddly one from Teddy Bear store, this one got ogled on the way back to base and possibly jinxed the whole process. So I have donated it back to the jinxer. There is still a limited edition collectable hanging out in the store which I might get at some point in the future.
  7. The papier mache giraffe made in Philippines that I picked up while drifting around in Spotlight. During this drift I also met someone who has been awarded a scholarship to create piece based on the Monomyth at MONA. This giraffe ended up acquiring a knuckle mark on one of my adventures around the xenophobic parts of Hobart town. I passed it on to my French housemate.

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