Saturday, May 11, 2013

Accurate positioning with UBlox Neo-6P and STM32

The Ublox Neo-6P provides raw clock phases and ephemeris suitable for use in post-processing based accurate positioning, or even RTK solutions using RTKLib.

STM32 with Eclipse was fairly messy to set up and depending on which version of GCC and CoreSupport libraries you use their are a few bugs to iron out. Used Code-Sourcery Lite toolchain, but compiled version did not behave as original firmware did. There are Eclipse based STM32 development commercial support from Atollic, and there were hacks to get the debugger Atollic packages working for ST-Link using the free options, but in the recent incarnation they have locked it down to TrueStudio only. I had to resort to OpenOCD for my debugging needs, it works like a charm with standard Eclipse settings, but I managed to nuke my STLink driver in the process and had to work hard to get it back.

Importing to GrafNav is fairly straight forward via the UBX converter, but it gives no indication on how it converts events, and you need sufficiently long logs to pick up any ephemeris. UBlox Receiver protocol is a must read for configuring the NEO-6P properly and monitoring the logs to ensure GPS lock. I am looking into the STM32 demonstration samples to add some more functionality to the project, including external interrupts from a camera for event marking and a GPS lock acquired status LED.

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