Monday, May 13, 2013

NASA SpaceApps Adelaide 2013

A few weeks ago NASA hosted its second annual space apps challenge. I did not manage to participate on the first day and only managed to struggle in on the second day to witness the finale. The Adelaide Hackerspace provided the venue this year and Simon has very nice write-up on their blog.
There were a few more entries from around Australia including a slinky based greenhouse suitable for use on the moon and a meteor tracker integrated with Google sky. It was a couple of days of pizza and coffee, ending with beers by the time we finished.
Everybody went home pretty tired, but happy. I will definitely try to put in a couple of days of participation next year. Meanwhile feel free to use Mearth and look up all those cold place in Russia, Scandanavia and Hokkaido which have Mars like temperatures. Whoever is considering applying for Mars-One should visit one of these places and film on location.
Space Apps Coding room

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