Thursday, May 9, 2013

Adelaide Mini Maker Faire, Zoo and Indian Mela

I have been involved with the Adelaide Hackerspace on and off. Lately my attendance has dropped a lot due to work commitments and a casual addiction to photography. A few photography related hacks are stewing in my brain, so I might go back there. Anyway a few weeks back I went to the Adelaide Mini Makerfaire and it was great opportunity to see all the different things going on in Adelaide, from Dalek making, Metal working to 3D printing and Electric cars. I had a great time catching up with people and learning about new groups. The airstream guys had some hacked wireless AP's on display, including the Minitar on which I cut my teeth in cross-compiling and writing kernel modules to interact with the wifi-stack. There are a lot more photos.

Maker Faire
I had planned a busy day, so I headed off to the zoo to attend the local photography group session and check out some pandas. It was my first time at the Adelaide zoo, so it took a while to get oriented. We covered a fair bit of ground in the hour and a half before closing. Managed a few shots of hippos, birds, otters and mountain goats. Lots of other animals which hardly stood still enough to compensate for my nascent photography skills.
We were trudging and hobbling back to the car when we noticed the bright lights and steady stream of people heading to Elder park. The local indian community was throwing their annual mela. So we headed there for a meal and to feed our cameras with some colour. The movement and low light made photography pretty difficult from the back of the crowd. It was a great day overall.

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