Thursday, June 29, 2006

Indonesia here I come

Having a short trip to Indonesia next week. Really need a break, I have been pulling my hair out for a while.
Worldwind finally has a stable camera and filled polygons which will be nice to have.
The KML support for filled-extruded polygons is not at its best as the plasma shield above pentagon shows.
My Google Summer of Code Mentoring is going well. Looks like I will get a green T-Shirt like the google girls.
I am also thinking of extending the Global Clouds plugin into the future using predictive cloud maps.

Friday, June 23, 2006


I have finally my own chat server. The light weight and clusterable ejabberd is up and works fine. Even made it federate with Erlang is an esoteric language I am not familiar with but it looks quite good.

Trying out Python and converting stuff from Python to Java. I wish Jython had asyncore it would make my life so much easier, but then again Java threading is quite useful as well. If I learn enough python I might even try making a Worldwind Python scripting plugin and switch RAT to numeric python. SAR processing in Python will be fun.

Worldcup is exciting as usual. Italy will be pretty tough to beat for Australia. Germany is thrashing Sweden.

Had my driving lesson today. Nearly perfected my U-turn hopefully will be doing 3-point turns next. Finally freedom in the wide open places of Australia.

Monday, June 5, 2006

Busy time .. lazy time

Staying up too late and living in other time zones has not been healthy even though I do my fair share of work. Was getting burnt this week for being late to work, should really get some sleep but I haven't updated my blog in a while and Fabrice just spent the whole day doing the same so why not.

I tried Imagine Autosync today on some EROS-B imagery.It works like a charm.Picked some 350 tie points in seconds and rewrapped the image. Working with overviews and multiresolution correlation makes it really efficient.

Talking about overviews.Nowak's dstile utility for tiling and building overviews in Worldwind format is now available for windows.Please give it a try and make notes of improvements and limitations.If someone wants to write a small man-page I will buy you beer.