Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Guilty of Web Design

It is often said that programmers should not do Graphic Design. Now I know why. If I can get away with toying with vertices in Blender, I can't get away with toying with colours in CSS. This bright yellow page is my handiwork. I am getting better ... slowly. I need to tone it down.

Soon I will be willing to do web design for beds and other things in kind to put in the bed with me ....

Monday, February 26, 2007

Ironclad World

So finally we have an Iron Python console in World Wind thanks to Ranen Ghosh. It is called TerminallyIll but you can do some sick cool scripting and toying around with it. Like ... it will be trivial to make model spin around with 1 line of script code. Here are few lines showing changing over from BMNG Bathymetry(default) to plain old BMNG.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sydney Landmarks

I decided to give the IDE a break for a few days and took up Blender to make some simple models in .x format for use with World Wind Model Feature. Here are the results of a few hours of labour, a couple of simplistic models of Sydney Landmarks.

This is a call to all aspiring modelers to add some contributions to our collection. Various global landmarks are appreciated. Failing that, be selfish and model your own house or office. Help us grow World Wind.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

World Wind Video with Cinematic Effects

Fabrice has come up with a nice World Wind Video complete with lens flare and cloud transitions. The idea is to deliver the world to the palm of your hand.

Viva Las Vegas

The most detailed Planet 9 Model available for World Wind - Las Vegas works in version 1.4 with a simple camera fix and boy it looks good. I could not resist. Here is the best of Vegas, money comes from 3G's Girls, Gambling and Games.

Friday, February 16, 2007

World Wind 1.4 and 3D Cities

It was a long and painful labour and at times the parents threatened to shoot the doctor, but finally World Wind 1.4 is out of the SVN as a release. I cross posted on the Google Earth Boards hoping to get some flame, but not much luck yet. There might be new forums for GE, need to check that out.

It is good to see more creative and progressive companies using World Wind as delivery platform for their creations and ideas. World Wind has similar potentials as Second Life in this respect and can create a significant trading ecosystem. Planet 9 Studios which specializes in 3D Modelling of buildings and cityscapes has several cities available in World Wind. The World Wind team is working to turn this into a suitable business idea for paying clients.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

How Now Brown Cow ?

So now we have an integrated Collada parser which constructs a mesh from the vertices , but Textures are not there yet. The Object selection code is also half way there, so someone can make a plugin with farm animal noises, click on the cow and it says ... moo! No better way to teach animal sounds to kids.

Here is a Collada cow staring at the stars and pondering general relativity.

Monday, February 5, 2007

TV Tuner and Curried Sausages

My flatmate got a new all black mac book pro with a TV Tuner card, so in a fit I dug up my old TV Tuner card and watched the Australia-New Zealand match. It only works halfway with an external antenna. I really need a better card and antenna. Luckily Australia won. So it was worth my while.

I also managed to watch Al Gore's documentary, "The Inconvenient Truth". Apart from the obvious political spin, he does make some valid points about Global Warming our responsibility. So Withak's Global Flood Plugin is rather timely. It still has some Z-Buffer issues and I am looking at adding the transparency and wave shaders for localized water to it. Otherwise it does a good job.

I also tried a new dish - sausages curried with red paste and mustard. It turned out pretty well and goes with a nice beer. Now time to enjoy the Australian Summer and wonder why the weather is suddenly changing from Mediterranean to Monsoon.