Saturday, November 5, 2022

Drop shipping products from PCBWay

Drop shipping products from PCBWay

For a while I have been ordering PCB’s from PCBWay and parts from Mouser and Digikey, then hand assembling them at home. These have been very small scale cottage industry style runs and ultimately time consuming as I focus more on design and evaluation of new energy monitor ASIC’s such as the V9261F. When PCBWay started offering to stock and drop ship my PCB’s directly from the factory using their extensive clout with DHL, I promptly signed up for the service.

Recently I have been getting my ATM90E36 Devkit PCB’s assembled there. The service has been excellent with concierge like parts choice and purchase. Followed by extremely helpful consultation on assembly progress and correctness.

I received the following images after the first stage and confirmed the crystal and LED’s.

Then I received some more inspection photos to allay any doubts.

Looking forward to the stock appearing on the shop front.

NOTE: This is a paid promotion of PCBWay services