Thursday, April 26, 2007

Taking a break helps get things done

Last Saturday I had a lot of fun, went out on town and won small dance off's at Zhivago. This helped me settle down and I took ANZAC Day to fix the small bug that was plaguing Dstile (promise this is my last dstile post till I get the drag and drop terrain import working). So it can now import MultiSpectral and Panchromatic Imagery Seamlessly and save them as .png tiles. It is of course a bit slow with World Wind showing off all the direct-x graphics goodies at the same time, but it works. Till terrain import gets done have fun with this one.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dstile using GDAL-SWIG C# API

Dstile like functionality has finally been made programmatic in World Wind allowing run-time tiling of imagery and quick import of file based formats such as Tiff, Imagine, ECW and MrSID into World Wind. ESRI ArcSDE formats will soon be supported by GDAL as well.

While implementing it I ran into some API bugs as expected. These need to resolved before the functionality is ready for prime time. The bindings are also a moving target. The developments in GDAL will need to be tracked to keep this functionality current.

As WWJava develops it will benefit from the extensive Java based format support in JAI, GeoTools and GDAL Java API.